Danbol Senki [NPJH-50618] CWCheat

This is for version 2.01.

_S NPJH-50618
_G Danball-Senki W

_C0 Master Code
_L0 4E504A48 50618820

_C0 MAX Pocket
_L 0x00906f9c 0x05F5E0FF

_C0 Communication Point
_L 0x20906FA0 0x05F5E0FF

Catalog Full Open
Chacracter Full Throttle
EXP multiplier
Get Tune up Point multiplied
Bullet not decrease
Weapon 96
Core Parts 96
Core Memory 96
Motor 96
Battery 96
Support Parts 96
D Egg x99
Maintenance Item x99
Battle Item x99
Tension Gauge not decrease

Full v2.01 Cheat Download: http://bit.ly/WaoNMS

This is for version 1.00 and 1.01.

Full v1 and v1.01 Cheat Download: http://bit.ly/10utM1y


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